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PPM: bug fix, help update

May 25, 2012 — BarryK
I reported a bug in PPM here (in Precise alpha3 release):

I have fixed that bug, also have updated the PPM help page. Woof commit:

Translation team
The PPM help page has been updated, so translations also have to be updated.

You can download the Help page:
(if you are logged in, you get a download link)

Precise testers
Precise Puppy alpha3 testers can also grab the latest /usr/local/petget/, which has the bug fix:



xz vs gzip
Username: BarryK
"That's right, the sfs file in Precise Puppy alpha3 is xz compressed, which makes it smaller than if gzipped. However, xz may be noticeably slower on older hardware. On modern hardware, we don't notice any slowdown, and I am really targeting Precise to be run on modern hardware. It would be interesting to know what machine you would need to be using where you do start to notice a difference. For the ARM build of Precise though, I will use gzip.

Mele1000 VGA code switch
Username: Ted Dog
" found this about 2/3 down the page to turn on the VGA port. [code]int main(int argc, char const *argv[]) { unsigned long args[4]; int ret = -1; int disp = open("/dev/disp", O_RDWR, 0); args[0] = 0; args[1] = 0; args[2] = 0; args[3] = 0; ret = ioctl(disp,0x201,(unsigned long)args); //turn VGA off args[1] = 0x4; //set mode to 1024x768 ret = ioctl(disp,0x202,(unsigned long)args); //set the mode ret = ioctl(disp,0x200,(unsigned long)args); //turn VGA on again return 0; } Read more: [/code] Still would like to use HDMI for its all in one cable also startx -- -logverbose 6 will output EDID to X log (which does not exist on mine)

Mele composite video settings
Username: Ted Dog
"WORKS! Finally see a screen using old school RCA jacks and the only cable provided with the Mele 1000 [code];disp init configuration ; ;disp_mode (0:screen0<screen0,fb0> 1:screen1<screen1,fb0> 2:two_diff_screen_diff_contents<screen0,screen1,fb0,fb1> ; 3:two_same_screen_diff_contets<screen0,screen1,fb0> 4:two_diff_screen_same_contents<screen0,screen1,fb0>) ;screenx_output_type (0:none; 1:lcd; 2:tv; 3:hdmi; 4:vga) ;screenx_output_mode (used for tv/hdmi output, 0:480i 1:576i 2:480p 3:576p 4:720p50 5:720p60 6:1080i50 7:1080i60 8:1080p24 9:1080p50 10:1080p60 11:pal 14:ntsc) ;screenx_output_mode (used for vga output, 0:1680*1050 1:1440*900 2:1360*768 3:1280*1024 4:1024*768 5:800*600 6:640*480 10:1920*1080 11:1280*720) ;fbx format (4:RGB655 5:RGB565 6:RGB556 7:ARGB1555 8:RGBA5551 9:RGB888 10:ARGB8888 12:ARGB4444) ;fbx pixel sequence (0:ARGB 1:BGRA 2:ABGR 3:RGBA) --- 0 for linux, 2 for android ;---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- [disp_init] disp_init_enable = 1 disp_mode = 0 [b]screen0_output_type = 2 screen0_output_mode = 14[/b] [/code]

Mele N.American HDMI settings
Username: Ted Dog
"Got HDMI to work, using 60Hz verses default 50hz setting. [code] screen0_output_type = 3 screen0_output_mode = [b]5[/b][/code] Odd the composite settings have a different backdrop. Could you check if this change works on your system.

Mele VGA looks better
Username: Ted Dog
"The VGA setting for 1024x768 looks clearer than the HDMI settings for nearly same resolution. screen0_output_type = 4 screen0_output_mode = 4 Also nice to see mplayer from the CLI runs mpg/flv at full speed (the mele android would not). no sound? Lots of script based errors seen, for some reason and an illegal instruction from seamonkey-bin

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