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PPM: enhanced splitting of exe,dev,doc,nls packages

May 04, 2012 — BarryK
Continuing with enhancing of the Puppy Package Manager, see previous post:

The PPM main window has checkboxes labeled "EXE", "DEV", "DOC" and "NLS".

The "EXE" checkbox was broken. The "exe" packages (anything other than doc, dev or nls) were not filtered out when the checkbox was unticked. Fixed.

I have enhanced these checkboxes. Previously they only worked on PET packages, and only those packages conforming to the "_EXE", "_DEV", "_DOC" and "_NLS" naming scheme, for example ''.

This has been extended to recognise the package naming used in Debian and Ubuntu. DEB packages have these strings in the names:


Woof commit:


ppm bug
Username: 01micko
There was a bug in the Ziggy ui, I don't know if it's already fixed as I got woof ~30 April, reported by broomdodger fix:

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