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PPM: Ziggy user interface fixed

May 08, 2012 — BarryK
01mick posted a bugfix here:

Thanks, I have put this into Woof. Commit:

OK, packing up. Have family-visiting duties today. Someone's birthday.


Happy Birthday
Username: dionicio
You someone :)

ui-Ziggy patch 2
Username: 01micko
"playdayz found another bug with ui_Ziggy In the config GUI, if you unchecked all repos, that is none are enabled, ui_Ziggy failed to show. I have hard coded in the default repo based on $DISTRO_FILE_PREFIX and filtered it out of the loop. The checkbox has the default tag set true and the visible tag disabled. Added an extra var to the GUI, see comments. This should make it a lot more robust and probably makes sense in case someone inadvertently disables the default repo and wonders why some pets don't work. See,

ppm fix
Username: BarryK
"01micko, Thanks for that. Woof commit:

ziggy commit failed
Username: 01micko
"Hi Barry I downloaded your ziggy commits and installed and somehow got a no show of all apps in the PPM.. debugging now.

re petget:
Username: BarryK
"esmourguit, There were no changes made to /usr/local/petget/ that would affect internationalisation. What do you mean by "doesn't support"?

Username: esmourguit
"Sorry, I had not used the new version of pkg_chooser you posted on may 5. It works now.

Woof2 FYI (for all)
Username: 01micko
"This is just an FYI for anyone concerned. Someone recently asked me how to update woof2 with fossil. Well, I found it a bit tedious at first too so I decided to write a rough tutorial. There aren't many docs around for fossil so I guess this adds 1 to that mentioned "aren't many". Any one feel free to pull me up and add, subtract, change whatever necessary. I should ask darkcity or Lobster to put this up on the wiki. It works for my purposes, but maybe I could explain it more clearly :? Here it is: HTH

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