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ROX-Filer squashed log-window

May 30, 2012 — BarryK
Iguleder reported about a problem with a squashed log-window and a patch that he had created:

The patch is here:

I have applied the patch and created a new PET (377KB):

The new source package is 'rox-filer-20111022-patched3.tar.gz', it is patched with 'rox-filer-iguleder-20120526.patch', both uploaded to my sources repo:


Fix Upstream

Username: K Godt
"Cannot say it is a bug but probably disturbing for new puppians. Actually can't remamber if i ever have used the logviewer . Now that i look at it i think it is a nice feature but would think, not beeing able to copy'n'paste from it is "kinda bug" because there is no "Save Log to File Button" . I am using ROX-Filer 2.10, because i had too many times hangs in /proc directory wit 2.11

Re rox latest
Username: BarryK
"Dougal, No, there is a problem, my rox source has a couple of patches that are not in the official source. I think that I reported on those patches in this blog, and they are in my sources repo. I don't think that there have been any other (significant) commits to the source since I got it anyway. Plus, my manual patches. So, there was no need to get latest official source. If rox official source does have future improvements, then will have to revisit this situation.

Username: Iguleder1
"I agree with Dougal - it's a good time for a new ROX-Filer snapshot. The master branch has some fixes following the 2.11 release, including translations and the patch I made - I sent it to Thomas Leonard via e-mail.

eliminate libglade - need to hack gtkdialog
Username: disciple
"Presumably gtkdialog in Puppy is still linked to libglade. But it is easy to hack the glade support out, and I've never seen a glade based gtkdialog program in the wild.

Re ROX from git
Username: BarryK
"You guys are a bit confused, you are not properly reading what I have written. The ROX-Filer source I am using was from git on 2011-10-22. There have only been a few minor official trunk patches since then, and I do have the gtkbuilder based source. I have applied a couple of patches developed by Puppy guys to that source, and also now Iguleder's patch. So, there is no immediate need to get latest git snapshot.

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