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Slacko Puppy 5.3.3

May 05, 2012 — BarryK
This year, Slacko Puppy project coordinator Mick Amadio ('01micko' on the Puppy Forum) became a full-time college student, so we expected considerable slowdown of development of Slacko. However, like the rest of us, Mick is a Puppy addict, and has now released version 5.3.3. Mick, I hope that your college studies are not neglected!

Mick has created a nice new Slacko page:

Here are the Release Notes:

Extracted from the Release Notes, a brief overview:

Slacko Puppy Linux 5.3.3 is an update release of the recent 5.3.1. It has binary compatibility with Slackware-13.37, which simply means that it is a Puppy built with packages from the Slackware, Salix and Slacky repositories.
The main version has been upgraded with kernel 3.1.10 compiled with Aufs layered file system support, in the typical Puppy manner. There is also a PAE version to cater for machines with large amounts of RAM. Both iso images have SCSI boot support.
The Seamonkey-2.9.1 suite is the default browser and email suite but Firefox, Chromium, Opera, Netsurf, Iron, Dillo and Links are only a few clicks away.
Minimum system requirements for the main version are an i686 processor, 900MHZ, with 256MB RAM. For the PAE version a slightly newer processor may be needed as most but not all processors support PAE.
Slickpet is a cut down version of Quickpet to get a few handy apps without diving into the well stocked Puppy Package manager. Slickpet also supports installing SFS packages, which are modules that are loadable as layers in the Puppy filesystem. Packages such as Libreoffice-3.5.3, JRE and Samba3.5.4 are available.
While on the Puppy Package Manager, apart from Puppy's native PET package format it can also fetch Slackware, Salix and Slacky packages in tgz or txz format.
Puppy's sfs format is supported by a program called sfs_load. Sfs are a way to load layered filesystems so that the filesystems can be unioned and act as one.
Slacko has Abiword and Gnumeric, late versions to open those documents and spreadsheets to keep you working.
Lots of types of multimedia are supported so you can play hard.
Slacko is aimed at reasonably modern machines up to six or seven years old. It may run on even older hardware.
Much work has gone into fine tuning packages such as Samba and the light weight alternative Samba-TNG. There is also a netboot add on that allows you to boot Puppy over your LAN.

If you are interested, here is my blog announcement for Slacko 5.3.1:

Ibiblio download link:

...note, Ibiblio may be slow. Go to my Puppy download page for faster mirrors:


Username: apata
Your work is great! Please add the newest Skpe to Puppy, so it can work immediately after booting. Thank you very much!

How should Puppy look like?
Username: zigbert
"Barry, would you please read my question to the Puppy Managers. Thank you Sigmund

Re SVG themes
Username: BarryK
"zigbert, I looked at that thread. Yes, there is definite possibility here, to move Puppy into looking more unique and modern. As 01micko responded, probably for now go for it for the "artistic" applications such as Pmusic. Get those apps out there so that everyone can see them and respond. Then perhaps down the track we will think of unified SVG themes for all Puppy apps.

Another distro
Username: GCMartin
"Barry, Playdayz and 01Micko (FATSLACKO) have introduced some rather 'new' approaches in the official Puppy arena. FATSLACKO is the first (FATDOG is 64bit) Puppy that not only offers Libre integrated, but also SAMBA as well. My current experiennces is that this a very fast stable and thoughtful approach for community use. Considering its stability and its integration, I though you [url=][b]might find this post of interest[/b]. Here to help

Artistic - it shall be
Username: zigbert
"Barry Thank you for responding. Yes, let's go for a artistic testdrive.

FATSlacko 5.3.3
Username: BarryK
"Yes, very interesting! For those of you who have modern machines with lots of RAM, and a fast Internet connection so you don't mind downloading 325MB, this pup is well worth considering: This really is the pup with everything!

Username: L18L
"Congrats Mick, I have installed the FAT version and now it is time for me to FATten a langpack... [img][/img]

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