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Staying synced with online Woof

May 12, 2012 — BarryK
My online Woof repository has instructions on how to download to your PC and get started with using Woof.

However, my online docs did not explain how to stay synced with the latest Woof.

01micko and pemasu have been doing this, but it should be documented for all to be able to easily do. 01micko has created a tutorial on this, which has inspired me to add to my own online docs.

My 'Getting started with Woof' wiki page now has information on syncing with latest Woof:

This is 01micko's tutorial:


Symlink option removed
Username: BarryK
The 'merge2out' script offered an option to create some symlinks in the working directory, rather than create the actual files. The recommendation was not to choose the symlinks option. I have now removed the symlinks option entirely, as it can create some complications. It also ensures that my new online docs on syncing with latest Woof will work correctly. Woof commit:

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