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Another A10-based media player

June 28, 2012 — BarryK
Here is yet another media player thingy based on the Allwinner A10:


redefining mini-towers
Username: maxerro
A vertical USB hub (at least 6 ports) with A10 and HDMI-out would make a great mini-PC at this point. And a version with BT/WiFi/Ethernet/SD-slot/RC at extra cost.

Jail-break this
Username: GCMartin
"Seems interesting as a media player and interface to TV. Anyone know of a manual or procedure to "jail-break" this to load an OS like a PUP to be used as a media Interface too? Do we have a PUP that does what this Android unit does? [url=][b]Forum post, here, if you do?[/b][/url]

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