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BootManager: SFS handling improved

June 26, 2012 — BarryK
The BootManager offers to load SFS files at bootup, that is one of it's functions.

However, this cannot be done in the case of a full installation where there is no initrd, and hence no layered filesystem (unionfs or aufs).

I have modified BootManager to recognise this situation and explain how a SFS can be permanently installed by copying the files out of the SFS.

The BootManager also now recognises if shinobar's SFS-Load application is installed, and offers that as an alternative if load/unload on-the-fly is desired.

Woof commit:


BootmanagerUsername: K Godt
[code]if [ "$PUPMODE" = 2 -o "$PUPMODE" = 3 ];then SFS_DIALOG="<text><label>Puppy is currently running in PUPMODE=$PUPMODE . SFS load not available for full installations.</label></text>" else SFS_DIALOG="<text><label>Puppy has a file named '${DISTRO_FILE_PREFIX}-${DISTRO_VERSION}.sfs' that is always loaded. However, extra SFS files can [/code] Thats the way i have impl. PUPMODES for bootmanager Still havn't experienced PUPMODE=3 yet

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