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Getting ready for Precise beta1

June 02, 2012 — BarryK
I think that I might be able to build Precise Puppy beta1 tonight.

Over the last day or so, I have fixed a few things, updated some PETs, but haven't documented it here.

But, some notes on stuff done this morning...

Pemasu sent me a 'probepart' script that was modified by Jemimah. While I was playing with that, I realised that probepart outputs duplicate /dev/sr0 lines. This seems to be a problem introduced with the 3.2.x kernel. I fixed it, see next Woof commit for details.

Vicmz sent me updated Spanish langpack, and another langpack for LibreOffice. These are uploaded to the 'noarch' PET repo.

Um, thinking back to yesterday: I updated FFConvert, Pburn and sfs_load, added brcm driver firmware to Woof.

Big family outing today, so I'll get back to Puppy stuff this evening.

Tags: woof