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QuickSetup enhanced

June 25, 2012 — BarryK
I have fixed a couple of things in QuickSetup that GCMartin reported recently.

One of those problems was a confusing button to change the hostname. Another problem was the network-frame sometimes not displaying.

The network-frame has two new checkboxes, to enable the firewall and to enable setting time from NTP server -- the latter will only be displayed if tasmod's Psync is installed.

The NTP checkbox is to make it simpler to setup on small boards like the Raspberry Pi that do not have a hardware clock.

Woof commit:


Ease of understanding (and use)
Username: GCMartin
This localization tool make Puppy distros a "No-Brainer" startup for newbies (or experience personnel) who just happened into the Puppy World. Simply one of the great things about Puppy that makes it comfortable for newbies. Thanks to all who have contributed over the years to making Puppy so very easy to use from startup to desktop to initial operations! ...THANKS!

Username: L18L
"Updating the translation using momanager in I have found a small mistake: #: msgid "" "It is always recommended that the firewall be enabled when connected to a " "network, unless it is a local trusted network. Note that you can run the " "Firewall Wizard any time in the future if you want to change the settings -- " "see the 'Setup' menu." Firewall wizard is not in setup menu. It is (currently in my precise): Menu > [b]Network[/b] > Linux-Firewall firewall

Re Firewall Wizard
Username: BarryK
"L18L, It is in both menus. The package has two .desktop files.

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