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Raspberry Pi success

June 29, 2012 — BarryK
I have got to report this before signing off for tonight...

I managed to successfully compile my own kernel on the RP, and it boots. And, magically, the keyboard now works properly -- that is, arrow keys and del key now work.

Well, there were some things in the official RP kernel .config file that were turned off, that I thought should be enabled, so I did.

Furthermore, Retrovol now runs, except shows sound as muted. The Retrovol mixer window is completely broken. I tested playing a audio file with 'aplay', it seems to play but there is no actual sound -- but I don't know if I need to do anything special to get sound on my hdmi tv.

I will be busy with family stuff most of tomorrow, but in the evening I will do some more testing. It looks like 'alpha2' isn't far off!


Edit without mouse
Username: lobster
Oh boy being able to use Geany without a mouse . . . now you are talking Audio possibility Puppi SAP alpha1 is working well. Browser in particular loads in 3 seconds (on third opening) - that is very acceptable . . . Nice to have inkscape lite . . .

Username: Gulk
"what does aplay -l give you? If it lists multiple cards, you can select the audio out by running: aplay -Dplughw:X filename.wav X is the card you choose from 0 to n

holding my breath
Username: Raffy
"Much anticipation for alpha2 - my Raspi has arrived! My multimedia-lunchbox has the Mele inside it, and it would be fun to build something different for the RasPi. [img][/img]

Congratulations :)
Username: dionicio
"Well I will have to eat my words... :)

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