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Chromium home page

July 02, 2012 — BarryK
Here is a little tweak for Chromium, for those interested in configuring this web browser.

In Puppy Linux on the RP, alpha2, the first time that Chromium is run, it opens web site. Even though I have specified file:///usr/share/doc/home.htm as the home-page in file /root/.config/chromium/Default/Preferences.

The Mozilla browsers are also like this, they ignore the home-page setting on the first startup.

In the case of Chromium, you just have to create a file "/root/.config/chromium/First Run", 0-bytes in size, and at first startup Chromium will go to our Puppy home page. Also, a popup window asking if we want to set the Chromium browser as the default browser is avoided.

I have implemented this in the "chromium" template in Woof:

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