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Latest SD image file for RP

July 07, 2012 — BarryK
I have uploaded my latest SD skeleton image file for the Raspberry Pi. Please not, this is for Woof developers, it does not contain Puppy!

Image file, compressed (2.2MB):


I have taken the time to write a very nice documentation page:


Optimise f.s. for Flash
Username: BarryK
Here is another interesting read:

compressed images
Username: technosaurus
"I seem to recall being able to get better img compression after mounting a filesystem and then cat /dev/zero >mountpoint/tmp #Zeroed bits compress better rm mountpoint/tmp sync umount mountpoint (bz2 seemed to compress best on mostly empty filesystems) ... Should work on all except swap (you have to zero it out before mkswapping it)

Re compressed image
Username: BarryK
"technosaurus, I did that. My technique is to use 'dd' # dd if=/dev/zero of=dummyfile # sync # rm dummyfile This will create 'dummyfile' that fills all of the free memory space. I think that the 'sync' is important, to ensure that the zeros are all flushed to the SD card before the file is deleted.

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