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Mixmos tray applet

July 23, 2012 — BarryK
01mick created a tray applet for the Mixmos audio mixer. This is a very simple applet for use in the Raspberry Pi. 01micko's Forum post:

I have placed 'mixmos_tray' into the 'mixmos' PET (75KB):


JWM tray
Username: 01micko
Barry, Have you noticed the network_tray applet is really slow to update in Sap6? In my wheezy build I compiled jwm-579 and it works normally. I reckon it would be worth the effort to update, you can directly download my "zjwm" package to try if you like, just used that so it would overwrite the jwm binary in the woof build. Cheers

Re mixmos
Username: BarryK
"I have re-uploaded the PET, with a slight change. Now, if installed into a running Puppy, /root/Startup/mixmos_tray is set to non-executable, so it won't create an applet in the tray.

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