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ODROID-X now with heatsink

July 20, 2012 — BarryK
Hardkernel are the developers of the ODROID-X quad-core A9 ARM board that I have ordered, see my recent blog post:

Hardkernel have tested the board with all four cores running "flat out" and the chip does get hot. This is not the situation for normal use, however they decided to include a passive heatsink on the production board:

Their Forum post explaining this decision:

Apart from whether it is really needed or not, the heatsink gives it a certain look, like it really means business. A mean machine!


heatsink not good
Username: linuxcbon
A heatsink on a RISC processor ? It means not good, as RISC should be simple enough to avoid heat. BTW, I wish I had some of them boards to test puppy.

Username: smokey01
"Barry, Where can one purchase one of these boards, with the heatsink? Grant

Purchase, battery
Username: BarryK
"smokey01, Follow the link. They will all have a heatsink, at the same price as before. I found out something interesting. On the CPU board there is what I thought is a battery for the hardware clock. It certainly looks like one, but it isn't, it is a "super capacitor". This only keeps the hardware clock going for about 15 minutes. It is intended to be used in a situation where the system is battery-powered, such as a phone or tablet, and to keep the clock going while the main battery is being changed. However, the developers say that with the inclusion of a schottky diode, a normal button-battery could be used. This will be an interesting project.

Username: smokey01

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