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Plan to write an app

July 06, 2012 — BarryK
I might release one more official Wary/Racy, and probably get the Raspberry Pi and Mele pups to release quality (or close to). After that I might not release any more puppies, but will keep working on Woof at a slow pace.

The reason is, I want a change, and want to work an a big application. I have got some ideas.

This means that someone in our community can take on the next Dpup, Upup, (or Arch-pup, Mageia-pup) as an "official" Puppy. I think that 01micko will be developing another Slacko, as time allows.


Thanks and good luck
Username: Terryphi
Barry, I am sorry to hear that you want to move on from Racy and Wary because they are my favourite Puppies. I will certainly go on using both on different hardware. However, I understand that we all need to move on to new intellectual challenges sometimes. Good luck in your new projects and thanks for the great OS you created. I am sure that 01micko will be a safe pair of hands.

Tags: retirement