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Playmusic music player

July 10, 2012 — BarryK
We have to use zigbert's older Pmusic 1.x in our RP Puppy, due to older ffmpeg. But, it doesn't work.

Sound is a work-in-progress on our Squeezed Arm Puppy!

Thunor has a neat little music player named 'Playmusic', and 01micko has hacked it to use mplayer, and had created a PET:

This will be in the next Squeezed Arm Pup, alpha3. I have uploaded the PET to ibiblio (19KB):

You mentioned that you are looking for a mixer that works in the RP. I compiled 'mixmos' 0.2.0, it looks good. But of course on my board I can't get sound to work so I can't verify that it is a good mixer.


re mixmos
Username: 01micko
Seems a nice mixer, a bit of overkill though for the raspi.. you get a nice big gtk window with 1 slider! It seems to react similarly to obmixer, in that all the action happens in the top 30%, once down to about 70-75% volume the sound is mute. I reckon alsa is a bit buggy with the Pi. I think there is a problem with the jwm tray. As rhadon pointed out (see the forum thread), the network-tray monitor doesn't update, nor does obmixer. Then again, the freememapplet seems to be working ok, but that one is a bit slower to need updating.

re: sound levels
Username: technosaurus
"There is likely good reason that sound is measured in decibels. I mentioned this to pizzasgood a while back and that mixers should probably be on a logarithmic scale (though the vast majority of mixer apps including linux' underlying system uses a linear scale.). At least retrovol has "fixed" this sound anomaly now. Regarding the tray icons, I have made a lot of improvement to sit lately and now it uses inotify to only update when the icon changes. There is also rudimentary support for setting the desktop background using a gtkrc file. (my intent was to also add icons, but gtk's iconview is hard coded to draw a solid background, so I may need to use akash rawal's approach and roll my own). All of this is just an attempt to reduce the number of running processes (a single awk script is perfect for keeping the tray updated by parsing /sys to generate svg icons ... There are a few hundred svg templates now and they can include pngs) Re media players, if we have a player that supports rtsp (or even if curl supported rtsp) I recently wrote the basics for a YouTube browser in the pupngo thread. It seems that I have been writing a lot of stuff ahead of its time while trying to keep my behind the times computers just caught up.

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