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Pnethood 0.7, RP: udev

July 10, 2012 — BarryK
Shinobar has updated Pnethood, and it is also internationalised, now at version 0.7:

I have uploaded the PET (18KB):

I was trying to figure out why my Optus broadband wireless USB modem wasn't getting properly detected when I plugged it into my Raspberry Pi. Then I made the discovery that the 'udevd' daemon was not running. I tested it and it aborted at startup with the message:

Root privileges required

Hmmm, udevd is confused. I compiled it statically sometime ago, before acquiring my RP, cross-compiled statically with uClibc I think. I don't recall what toolchain was used.

Anyway, I recompiled it in the Squeezed Arm Puppy on the RP, and all is well. Now I plug in my USB modem and I get the familiar "3G USB modem now ready for use" popup.

That's great, fixing udevd will have fixed a whole swag of problems. It will probably slow down the bootup though -- I am getting bootup time of 24 seconds, which seemed to be too good to be true -- and as it turns out, it is too good to be true.

The new udev PET (144KB):

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