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Puppy for Raspberry Pi alpha3

July 11, 2012 — BarryK
Here it is, our alpha3 release, and it is looking good!

Release notes:

...please read these notes before running your pup on the Raspberry Pi.

Download the SD-card image, only 86.7MB:

How to copy the SD-image file to an SD memory card:

If you want to turn your pup into a complete compiler environment, do it with just one file (read Release Notes for details), file size 119.9MB:

If you want to read about the previous alpha2 release, see here:

Additional usage notes
It is very important to be aware that the first bootup is very slow, so be patient, but subsequent bootups are very fast. I will be improving the first-bootup speed soon.

Additional issues
I have just noticed that the screen-lock does not work (icon at top-right of screen). I will look into that asap.
There is no volume control in the tray, but there is a audio mixer in the Multimedia menu.


sap6 alpha3 Forum feedback
Username: BarryK
Here is the Squeezed Arm Puppy feedback thread on the Puppy Forum. This link is to page 7, where feedback on alpha3 starts:

RP newcomers
Username: BarryK
"For those who have just acquired a Raspberry Pi, or will soon have one, you might find my hardware setup page useful:

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