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RP: alsaconf broken

July 24, 2012 — BarryK
The 'alsaconf' script does not work on the ARM boards, due to absence of modules.pcimap and modules.isapnpmap. Perhaps the script could be modified to work without those?

Anyway, I have disabled 'alsaconf' for the ARM board. Woof commit:

Well, well, I actually got sound out of my RP! Just one song, /usr/share/audio/ivy.mp3. None of the other audio files in /usr/share/audio work.

I played it like this:

# playmusic /usr/share/audio/ivy.mp3

'playmusic' is thunor's frontend to various players, including 'mplayer'. It wouldn't play the other files.

The 'aplay' utility doesn't work at all. I also tried 'wavplay' to play /usr/share/audio/2barks.wav, no go, it just hung. fact, after playing one file, all the players hang and nothing else will play. Even that 'ivy.mp3' only played once.

This is testing on Squeezed Arm Puppy alpha4.

I am not going to mess around with this anymore. The kernel sound driver needs to be fixed.


re: sound RP
Username: 01micko
In the wheezy build I installed mpg-321 and used that for [b]play_music[/b], much better than mplayer for mp3 format. I just tried it in Sap6 A4, works, [u]note[/u] I UNticked all dependencies! Only installed mpg-321. I converted to 2barks.mp3 and it now plays reliably. It is the Puppy signature after all!

re 2barks.mp3
Username: BarryK
"01micko, How did you create 2barks.mp3? I just now tried two methods, in Racy 5.3. I used FFConvert 1.2 and also mhWaveEdit. I tested converting and 2barks.wav to .mp3. In all cases I got only noise.

re 2barks
Username: 01micko
"I used ffconvert in Slacko, ffmpeg 0.8.4 IIRC, compiled in November last year for Slacko-5.3.0 I'll post the file to the forum, see the Sap6 thread in a moment. Pmusic plays it in Slacko, Mplayer in Sap6 (scratchy), mpg321 in Sap6, perfect (albeit about 3 seconds delay, use -q option). Plays in Windows for me too (VLC). Oh, it was the 2barks.wav too, I mistakenly wrote

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