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RP: Gmeasures, Superscan

July 22, 2012 — BarryK
Two little apps missing from Squeezed Arm Puppy are Gmeasures and Superscan. The first is a units converter and the second a port scanner, both GUI apps. These have traditionally been included in our puppies, to round out the app-suite.

I have compiled them in Squeezed Arm Puppy on the Raspberry Pi, and they will be in the next release.

However, you can get them now (25KB, 22KB):


Username: GCMartin
@BarryK or anyone. I have not seen a guide for the product that is shipped with Puppy. This is why DPUP5520 introduced AngryIP as a PET. The requirement is JAVA, but, I am assuming that at some point, the RasPI that is being produced is aimed at today's users who also use touchscreens and handhelds. JAVA would be needed for many of the cross-platforms that have/are produced for those devices. The one distinction that I have found over the years is that AngryIP is the fastest (easiest too) scanner ever for ALL of the years its been available. Several years ago, he created a JAVA replica of the Windows ONLY tool. And, even though the Windows only tool is still the fastest, the JAVA replica is faster (as well as easier to understand) than any tool yet seen in the Linux community. IT IS THE FASTEST LINUX TOOL I have found for this purpose. Hope it helps

Guide needed
Username: GCMartin
"although its not needed for AngryIP, does anyone know if there is a manual/guide for SuperSCAN? Thanks

Re Superscan
Username: BarryK
"There is no documentation at all in the Superscan source code. But, it looks pretty simple. Are any docs needed?

Username: GCMartin
"When you have a moment, look at AngryIP. Its a java app. It also has a web-site that is extremely helpful with useful documentation. I think you'll understand.

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