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RP: recompiling 3.1.9 kernel

July 29, 2012 — BarryK
Today I have downloaded the latest patched 3.1.9 kernel source for the Raspberry Pi, from here:

I had previously been through this exercise, and that resulted in the kernel used in Squeezed Arm Puppy alpha4. That was about one month ago.

Now I am doing it again, with a few changes to the .config:

bcm2835 sound driver built-in
deadline scheduler (instead of cfq)
disabled automatic devtmpfs mounting on /dev

Also, this time I did not apply any of my own patches, that is, left out unionfs and usb-printk patches. Only applied the loglevel patch.

I have just started the compile on my RP.

I have also downloaded the latest firmware from here:


Username: puppy_apprentice hope this help in the future

Username: K Godt
"Congratulations ! The un-mounting of everything beneath old_root was an adventure for me, too. Good to see the Ram disk shell possibility. Will have to check my code for minit, too. * Besides this, i think i had better experiences with auto mounting of devtmpfs CONFIG_DEVTMPFS_MOUNT=y if CONFIG_DEVTMPFS=y on x86 especially with sound nodes in /dev . Will check your block for your experiences . Probably one thing to be aware of, though Puppy Linux is not designed for this : CONFIG_DEVTMPFS=y makes the kernel delete nodes in /dev at shutdown. If another "usual" Puppy kernel boots thereafter, it will need the nodes in /dev . Especially the missing /dev/hda* and/or /dev/sda* to mount the root-device would lead to situations i cannot remember anymore exactly. That's why I have put in code to create them by reading /proc/partitions. But of course this increases load-average and slows down the boot speed . Good luck !

Re devtmpfs
Username: BarryK
"K Godt, Yeah, disabling devtmpfs was one of the recommendations I read about, to speed bootup. That is, use a static /dev -- the kernel will still add nodes as needed. Um, let's see, I have a link in my bookmarks, "Boot Linux in five seconds": [i]udev is used only to support devices that might be added later—the system has a persistent, old-school /dev directory so that boot doesn't depend on udev[/i] URL: There is some other interesting stuff in that article, such as "sreadahead", but I haven't checked that out yet. X is currently my biggest problem, it is so slow to start. But, rather than try to speed-up Xorg, I am hoping to go over to directFB when they get it ported to the RP.

re: RP
Username: 01micko
"Fixed a bug with the icons not being generated for the drives with pngoverlay when switching icon themes. Recompiled pngoverlay.bac. See:

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