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RP: Screensaver fixed

July 12, 2012 — BarryK
On the top-right of screen is the "lock" icon, which is for when you go away from your computer and don't want anyone else to use it, or see what was on the screen. This system is known as 'Xlock' or 'xlockmore'.

This is different from the inactivity time-out screensaver, which is just a black screen. That is setup by the 'pupX' application in the 'Desktop' menu.

Anyway, Xlock is broken. The 'xlock' application was compiled in RP on a Gentoo distro, which has much later packages than those in Debian squeeze, and there is some kind of mismatch that causes the utility to crash in the Debian Squeeze build of Puppy.

So, I have recompiled it, and now it works. The PET (132KB):

Tags: puppy