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RP: X server refuses to die

July 17, 2012 — BarryK
Sometimes when I shutdown, the Raspberry Pi screen goes blank and it just hangs. I examined the log, in /tmp/xerrs.log, and it has this:

waiting for X server to shut down XIO:  fatal IO error 11 (Resource temporarily unavailable) on X server ":0.0"

after 61 requests (59 known processed) with 0 events remaining.

/usr/bin/xinit: X server slow to shut down, sending KILL signal.

waiting for server to die ...

/usr/bin/xinit: Can't kill server

Curious Google finds nothing for the string "/usr/bin/xinit: Can't kill server".

Anyone got any thoughts on how to force the X server to die? Anyway, why won't it die?


Healing and Well Being
Username: lobster
[code]program args & programpid=$! ... do stuff ... kill $programpid [/code]

Did a search for xinit can't kill x server
Username: shadower_sc
"Hi, I did a quick search for xinit can't kill x server and this is the second thing that came up. Do a quick search of the page using "xinit can't kill x server" to find the relevant section. Maybe something there will help?

found some infos
Username: puppy_apprentice
" hope it helps

OT: Raspbian
Username: Dougal
"Barry, might it not be worthwhile to use Raspbian as the base for the RP Puppy? It's not ready yet, but you can update the packages every time you create a new image (like Ubuntu derivatives do while a new version is stabilizing).

Re Raspbian
Username: BarryK
"Dougal, Yes, it has a lot of optimisations. Not just the armhf. I will upload alpha4 based on Debian Squeeze armel debs. But, it is a good idea to do a build based on Raspbian. I am not sure though, 01micko is working on a secret RasPi project, don't know what distro it is based on. I don't want to tread on his toes. If he isn't doing a Raspbian-based build, I will see if I can knock one out.

no, secret, just taunting lobster
Username: 01micko
"Mine is based on wheezy, however raspian does look like the go. However many packages would need to be compiled. While I'm at it can I request a feature for woof? I have compiled the kernel in wheezy, latets GIT. Also requires the latest GIT firmware. Note that boot/Image is now just a direct copy to kernel.img with the latest firmware. So the request is.. a case for $REALKERNALNAME if REALKERNALNAME=Image and an 'if' statement if some directory/tarball containing alternate firmware exists allowing the copy of contents of that directory/tarball to the first partition on the SD card. I'll post woof diffs soon for what I have so far, well, when I get a usable distro (not far off) but there are a LOT of templates that needed hacking so that might be best as a separate package as not to upset the general functionality of woof. TIA

Username: 01micko
"No, don't need that var altered, I can just copy Image as kernel.img in my kernel build script. (no need for the tools now with new fw) All I need is a small loop to copy the new firmwares to the SD image, I just put the tarball in the root of my woof tree. I named it raspi_boot_fw-DATE where date is the short form eg: 120717, so I have a tarball raspi_boot_fw-120717.tar.gz which expands to the dir raspi_boot_fw-120717. here's what I have added, (I'm sure there could be a more elegant way!) In 3builddistro just after copying the kernel.img file: [code]#120717 in case have new firmware for raspi BOOTFIRMWARE=`ls ../ | grep ^raspi_boot_fw |tail -n1` #ensure latest if more than 1? if [ $BOOTFIRMWARE ];then cp -af ../${BOOTFIRMWARE} ./ BOOTFIMWAREDIR=`basename $BOOTFIRMWARE .tar.gz` tar -xzf $BOOTFIRMWARE (cd $BOOTFIMWAREDIR ; for i in * ; do cp -af $i /mnt/sdimagep1/ ;done) fi[/code] About to test now.

About to test now.
Username: lobster
"Thanks to Micko for taunting me :doh: I won't be running Raspbian (no matter how good) because faster Debian is not for me. Puppi based on woof is what I want to use on ARM. It will be interesting to see Midori v Seamonkey(IceApe) v Chrome. I do know that the limitations of the cheap Rpi ARM are being overcome by our smartdogs Good luck to us all

Username: ozsouth
"Pardon my 'arm' ignorance, but maybe something like sleep 10 killall -9 X

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