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Simple touch-screen driver

July 26, 2012 — BarryK
taca0 posted about the WM8650 ARM-based netbooks:

This link is interesting: has the source for a simple touch-screen driver to replace a mouse.

I thought that I would post the link here for future reference.
I am gradually coming round to the thinking that a touch-screen with proper keyboard is a good combo. It solves the problem of using a mouse when you are on-the-go.
It would certainly be much better than a touchpad, and I don't see why we cannot have our traditional UI, no need for a dumbed-down UI as in tablets these days.

Except of course, we have three buttons on a mouse, and would ideally need to emulate that.
The driver in the above link seems to only be supporting the left-mouse-button.


touch screen
Username: dc
Hi Barry, I have a Asus transformer and it becomes very natural to use the combination of touch screen and keyboard. So much that its hard not to touch your desktop screen in the same manner. DC

Username: ICPUG
"+1 Touch screen plus traditional keyboard is the route for producers rather than consumers. I guess that's why Microsoft will introduce the Surface. As for traditional UI against dumbed down UI, isn't the problem that with touch you cannot be precise where you touch, like you can with a mouse. Consequently, touching a menu or menu item is a bit haphazard and liable to errors so the dumbed down UI has no menus just big buttons/tiles/... same appies for little icons like minimise and maximise windows. Dumbed down UI may be essential on a tablet - which is for consumers and not producers. Horses for courses.

Re inaccuracy
Username: BarryK
"I was thinking of the touch-screen driver as being for mouse emulation. So, I thought that a mouse-pointer could still be there, that you steer with your finger. This would achieve accuracy. I haven't done this in reality, just thought it seemed like it might work. Even without the traditional mouse pointer, I would have thought it technically possible to indicate exactly what you are pointing at. A menu item can become "pre-lighted" to show it is currently pointed at, for example.

Pre-lighted FYI
Username: dc
"In Android touching a icon briefly highlights it before opening the program. A longer touch high lights and allows you to drag the item. Like holding left mouse button for moving things. You don't need to steer a mouse pointer, because you go straight there with your finger. dc

Click vs tap
Username: Raffy
"Quote Barry:[i] A menu item can become "pre-lighted" to show it is currently pointed at, for example. [/i] Yes, I guess that will be good, combined with a tap which launches that item (regardless of where in the screen the user taps). A longer touch (longer than tap) will then move the cursor to that position.

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