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SoftMaker Office UK English

July 15, 2012 — BarryK
I created a PET of the free version of Softmaker Office 2008, back in August 2011:

The base PET package has US and UK English spell-checking, however it was reported that UK could not be selected.

Tuxtoo discovered that a file is missing from the base PET, installation of which then enabled UK English to be chosen. Tuxtoo posted a PET with the missing file:

...thanks very much for that!

I have added that missing file and uploaded the SoftMaker Office PET (12.1MB):

The docs and other languages are also available (13.2MB, 24.2MB):


re: SoftMaker Office UK English
Username: session
There is also this little issue when using the Presentations module: if SoftMaker is ever again repackaged, renaming that file would get rid of that persistent dialog. Great package, btw... I needed to do a simple dtp task yesterday and Abiword did NOT cut it. Didn't want to download LibreO for this one task, remembered this post and was very satisfied with the software...

Re SoftMaker office buglets
Username: BarryK
"Thanks, I have fixed the PET, will upload it soon. The new PETs will have "-2-" in their name.

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