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Woof: builds pup from Raspbian pkgs

July 22, 2012 — BarryK
It is pre-alpha as although there is a desktop, some things are broken. But yes, Woof can now build a Puppy from Raspbian Wheezy DEBs.

Woof commit:

There is a mystery. Some shared libraries, that were compiled in Squeezed Arm Puppy (built from Debian Squeeze DEBs) do not work.
For example, 'ldd' reports that /usr/lib/ is "not a dynamic executable".

Huh? Those libraries work fine in Squeeze. They are "armel", compiled for armv4 architecture, but that is not a problem.

Note, this Woof can now also be used to build from straight Debian Wheezy DEBs. It is the same situation as for Raspbian, just different repositories.


Username: lobster
Looking forward to Warp. Pleased to report that I was using Puppi SAP Alpha 4 yesterday with a programming buddy, with the devx. As a general purpose operating system, things are a little slow but perfectly workable. :)

Re Warp
Username: BarryK
"I probably will not release a "warp" alpha. I might as well bring Squeezed Arm Puppy ("sap", based on Debian Squeeze armel DEBs) up to beta1. Plan to do that soon. I want to go back onto playing with my Mele A1000. Actually, 01micko can easily swap over from Debian to Raspbian for his test builds. It has the advantage of some optimisations specifically for the RasPi, such as compiled for armv6-hard-float (not the same as Debian's hard-float which is armv7), and some fixes, for example to speed up openssl. There will be a special compile of Chromium browser coming soon, that will only run on Raspbian, with optimisations for the restricted hardware of the RP. So, Raspbian DEBs looks like the way to go. Interesting, I was playing with my pre-alpha pup built from Raspbian DEBs, didn't notice any speed improvement. Probably for some apps that make heavy use of floating point maths, it would be noticeable, perhaps some media players.

Username: BarryK
"To be more correct, Squeeze works on armv4t, not armv4:

woof SCSI "bug"
Username: 01micko
"Hi Barry When building with woof, in my kernels SCSI modules are built for various devices that will enable the relevant machine to be booted from SCSI, so naturally I choose "boot SCSI" in woof at the 3builddistro stage. However this breaks SCSI for devices which have nothing to do with booting, such as scanners, and it seems the old AIC scanners are popular, re: I'm just thinking that the solution might be to copy the SCSI modules to the main fylesystem just after a switch-root on first boot (which might be ok for frugals, fulls another story). Thoughts?

Username: 01micko
"Ah, so I looked at init and I guess some more drivers could be added to the ONEKEEP variable. I might round up a list. By the way, the member who reported the "bug" says he had his scanner plugged in at boot at pfix=ram and it wasn't recognised, so could that mean that the bug is in my kernel config? (he got his scanner going after I provided a pet of the relevant modules, direct from my kernel package)

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