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Woof: getting close to RP pup alpha3

July 09, 2012 — BarryK
This is the latest Woof upload, with many fixes and tweaks for RP Puppy, the precursor to alpha3.

Woof commit:

I have got a bit more to do, so probably will upload alpha3 in about 2 days from now. It is Monday evening here, so perhaps sometime on Wednesday.

However, that's if I can get enough space on That is in great doubt though, anyone got somewhere I can upload to?

In the past, I have received offers to host my files, and I have always replied "she's right mate". I have treated like a bottomless pit, which it isn't.
Then there's my own site with, and -- my host is -- those guys have warned me sometimes, my site gets too busy. Some of the guys at Hostgator are fans of Puppy, so I think they are extremely tolerant, but there are limits. As my site is now bulging at the seams, I have to think about uploading stuff elsewhere.


5GB for free
Username: puppy_apprentice
u can try upload files on ownCube:

Username: Terryphi
"Maybe one of the sites which currently mirror Puppy stuff from Ibiblio can be persuaded to [i]host[/i] Puppy stuff? These two are fast and reliable: Is there anyone in the Netherlands or Greece who can ask these institutions?

Username: smokey01
"Barry, as you probably know I use Hostgator too. Currently I have about 50G of files stored there without problems and no warnings. I think it is quite busy too. I can set you up an account if you like.

Username: russoodle
"Hi Barry....i'm not using Hostgator, i have a VPS with another bunch, but you're most welcome to an account on it. Just holler if i can help. Cheers!

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