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/dev/sda16+ not recognized

August 28, 2012 — BarryK
Forum member eps reported this. It applies to all puppies.

The nodes in /dev in the initrd are static, and only go up to sda15. Thus, if a hard drive has more partitions, they are not recognized.

After bootup, when the main filesystem is running, the kernel will auto-create the extra nodes if new hardware is plugged in, but not in the case of an internal drive present at bootup.

However, eps found that running Gparted does cause the extra device nodes to be created.

In Woof, I have created extra nodes for the initrd, up to sda23. I also did the same thing for the main filesystem.

Woof commit:


re: /dev/sda16+
Username: L18L
ymount a lighter alternative to Pmount created by Iguleder hacked and internationalized by L18L was never having that limitation to 15 partitions. see forum: [img][/img]

Username: K Godt
"I am guessing there would come the day when [IMG][/IMG] CONFIG_DEVTMPFS=y

Username: shinobar
"The 431JP2012(Japanese edition) has no /dev/sd* stuff in the main sfs at all, and has no problem. [code][/code]

devtmpfs in Fatdog 600
Username: jamesbond
"Fatdog 600 no longer uses static device nodes, both in initrd and main sfs. Everything is dynamically managed by devtmpfs and udev.

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