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Improved categories and xdg menu

August 19, 2012 — BarryK
I have been working on improving the categories management and icons for packages, see earlier blog posts:

Now I have mostly completed the upgrade, with further refinements to the categories and icons, plus improvements to the Puppy Package Manager. Woof commits (most recent listed first):

some fixes for pkg categories, small ppm fix:

updated db lists to use xdg_puppy pet with binary executables only (other components are now in Woof):

improved Categories= and Icon= assignments in .desktop files, refer scripts 2createpackages and /usr/local/petget/

improved xdg menu categories, /etc/xdg, /usr/share/desktop-directories created in Woof:

improved the naming of sub-categories in pkg db entries, improved icon naming:

I need to refine the support/find_cat utility, which assigns the category[;subcategory] for the packages. I am currently focused on improving this for Ubuntu packages -- find_cat is run when the Puppy db files are created for the Ubuntu DEBs.

So, it looks like I will be bringing out another release of x86 Precise Puppy. Probably before the end of the week.

Tags: woof