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Precise buglets fixed

August 30, 2012 — BarryK
01micko reported that at first bootup, when QuickSetup runs, making a change that requires a restart of X, then at restart there is no "welcome1stboot" nor the two barks.

Yes, this is a logical bug in /usr/sbin/delayedrun, and is a Woof-level bug applying to all pups. Fixed, will be in next Woof upload.

Clicking on the clock, bottom-right of tray, is supposed to bring up a calendar, however Precise Puppy is missing the 'minixcal' PET. Fixed. This is not a Woof bug, as such, or rather it is, as the package-list used to build Precise is in Woof.
But it is really classified as a Precise bug.


Spell-checking in SeaMonkey
Username: BarryK
In Precise Puppy beta4, spell-checking is not working in SeaMonkey. So, I had to try an remember what was previously done... With SeaMonkey and Firefox PETs, I take the dictionary files out of /usr/lib/*/dictionaries, replace with symlinks to dictionary files in /usr/share/hunspell. This is done by the 'pinstall' script in PET 'hunspell-en-us', but only for SeaMonkey and Firefox. There are many other Mozilla-based browsers, including those that are the same as SeaMonkey and Firefox but which Debian have renamed. There needs to be a mechanism to find all of these and create symlinks to the hunspell dictionaries. This is what I have done. In Woof, the script 3builddistro does this, it is also done in the 'langpack' script created by MoManager (previously only did it for Firefox). Note: in Precise Puppy, I am using the hunspell-en-us Ubuntu DEB, not my PET, and it does not have a script (no template to create one).

Woof commit
Username: BarryK
"Here is the Woof commit, with the above fixes:

QuickSET processing inconsistency
Username: GCMartin
"hi BarryK This applies to what is occurring at initial system boot-time. I was very quick to report a finding, yet, after reviewing all PCs on the test LAN, I find that I was incorrectly reporting what I thought was a resolution. [url=][b]Here, on the forum, 's my update to show more information about the QuickSET problem.[/b] Here to help

Re QuickSetup
Username: BarryK
"That is the intended behaviour. The appearance of the network section in QuickSetup was only a concession to those who have an automatic network connection at first boot. For those who don't, they would all go through the 'network' icon on the desktop (or menu) to setup networking, and that has all the network setup functionality. In other words, for those who do not have any network connection at first boot, the network section in QuickSetup has no purpose and is unnecessary clutter at that stage. When the user clicks on 'connect' they will be presented with all of the appropriate settings.

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