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RP: JWM problem?

August 03, 2012 — BarryK
I upgraded JWM from 574 to 579, see earlier blog post. Since then, there has been some peculiar behaviour, and I am now reverting to 574.

I have made a bug report to Joe, the JWM developer:

I have recompiled 'pngoverlay' in sap6, as 01micko reported a bug. I think that previously I had compiled it in Gentoo on RP. This will be in the next Woof commit.


From Uncle mick
Username: cthisbear
" I will attempt to integrate techno's jwm_tools. (again). I have a better idea on how to do it. Fixmenus is terribly slow, even on a fast box. 01micko One day (down the track) I am going to dump rox too. Spacefm is the front runner for a replacement. It can do pretty much what rox does and more. I'm sure plenty would want me to retire JWM too, but no. Not happening. Maybe some improved lxpanel/openbox pets... there has been plenty of recent development with that and mate going on around the forum." Chris

Username: darkcity
"i quite like jwm, but the down side with JWM is that mouse bindings can't be configured, making it incompatible with Inkscape.

JWM mouse bindings
Username: disciple
"Link explaining darkcity's complaint:

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