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ShareInternet and dnsmasq

August 06, 2012 — BarryK
Forum member gyro has created this very interesting application to turn a Puppy-PC into a router:

Gyro's PET has 'dnsmasq', a binary executable, in it. I have taken that out, so there are now two PETs (106KB, 14KB):


Thanks Barry
Username: wb7odyFred
Thanks, Barry for including this very nice Application to the Quirky repository. Will there be a "report_share_internet" function added to the right click selection on the desktop Icon? This is so a newbie Puppy Linux user with a right click on an icon, can see what is happening to his system under the hood, with out having to type something in a terminal window on the command line. Maybe use "iptables -L" in that "report_share_internet" script file. Something better than my "" script file. Is the file aDedicatedServer.gz from this post of Gyro's added to your file? [code]Gyro said, Just two things: 1) To access the server from the internet, use the Internet IP address of wireless router. To access the server from the local lan, use the local lan IP address of the laptop running puppy. 2) To use the firewall built into shareInternet: Download the attached file and extract the single file "aDedicatedServer". Edit the file and replace "" in the line: Code: SERVER_IP= with the actual IP address of your server. Copy the file into the directory "/root/.shareInternet/iptablesExtraRules/" Run shareInternet. gyro [/code] You work very hard, Barry. Thank you. How can I make this application better? Create a tested, proper script file for you and modify the shareInternet app so that it fits in with little/no modification from you? Fred Finster

Yes, I see iptablesExtraRules
Username: wb7odyFred
"I commented before I downloaded and opened your files. Yes I see iptablesExtraRules files is there! Thanks BarryK. Thank you, Gyro. Extra Functionality of "report_share_internet" to be added? Or is that too much extra script files to add and integrate into this App? I know you like things small.

Username: GCMartin
"@Barry, et al. JamesBond has an interesting application (2 years old, now, called "Netboot") which makes use of DNSMASQ as the primary means of delivering LAN service to PCs which are PXE capable. I know this would require a little thought in how best to include DNSMASQ into the Puppy Repo stream, but, someone(s) of us should take a few moments to have DNSMASQ incorporated into WOOF such that it matches and meets the requirements overall in the community. There is significant benefit from such a small subsystem as it offers a standards compliant meadns of delivering LAN services consistently. If we fail to move on this, now, we may see issues in its use in the future. That will require lots of developer research and analysis when problems are reported when the subsystem is deployed for use in a particular Puppy. Even though this subsystem has been around for awhile, it has some very important methods of services it allows individual PUPPY(S) to provide local on the PC as well as servicing the LAN. For example, there is a very simple way to include the router capability by @Gyro with what @JamesBond has provided, BUT, this could easily be addressed in how it is presented in WOOF. Here to help

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