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Sylpheed 3.2

August 22, 2012 — BarryK
Sylpheed in Ubuntu Precise Pangolin is compiled for GTK3, which unfortunately is the case for many applications. As we only have GTK2 in Precise Puppy, we have to compile it ourselves.

However, we found this quite difficult to do. This is because Debian and Ubuntu remove many of the .la files from /lib and /usr/lib. These files are in the original installation when compiled from source, however they don't put them into their DEBs.

I think that the reason for this is their "multi-architecture", where they put libraries into special directories.
Personally, I am inclined to the view that this multi-architecture stuff is bad news. Create a distro for one architecture, and be done with it. Trying to support different architectures, say i486 and i686, in the same distro causes so many complications.

Such as the .la files not working, hence they have to be left out. Some source packages, such as Sylpheed, need some .la files, and as they don't exist, compile fails.

I have created a PET '0hack1_precise_dev' in which I created the .la files needed for Sylpheed to compile, and this will be in the 'devx' of the next Precise Puppy (beta3).

Here are the Sylpheed PETs (671KB, 1.3MB, 167KB, 1.3MB):


missing .la files
Username: pemasu
It seems that debian wheezy has same situation with .la files. I used your .la files in my test dpup wheezy...and it fixed the sylpheed compile errors. I suppose you use libtool with some options. Do you have guideline how to create those files. I searched the net and found some examples....but not tested them yet. Thank you for fixing this. I was embarrased of compile errors in Precise Puppy. Now I am wiser man.

Re missing .la
Username: BarryK
"pemasu, I got them out of Wary, just edited them with the different version numbers.

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