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Timezone fix

August 29, 2012 — BarryK
Forum members shinobar and ramachandran reported that timezone files are missing out of /usr/share/zoneinfo. This problem is in Precise Puppy beta3, not in beta2.

Beta3 is built from upgraded 12.04.1 DEBs, and the 'tzdata' package has been updated, which is the culprit.

The layout of files in /usr/share/zoneinfo has changed dramatically. If this change has been done by the 'tzdata' developers, not Debian or Ubuntu developers, then this problem is going to affect all Puppy builds as they move to latest tzdata.

I have fixed the 'glibc' template in Woof, so now all files are in /usr/share/zoneinfo.

Woof commit:


zoneinfo changes
Username: scsijon
Not sure what you mean as i don't have a puppy unmodified for timezone any more. Do you mean having directories under the zoneinfo for each of the standard regions and countries/states under that? If so, that is the expected standard format since the court case in 2011 (see under and My understanding is that it is the agreed standard to be followed as part of the lawsuit being dismissed.

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