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Wary/Racy plans

August 04, 2012 — BarryK
My ODROID-X quad-core Cortex-A9 ARM board has arrived, and I ran Android 4.0.4 on it. Nice and fast!

However, I plan to put the ARM boards on the back-burner for awhile and do some work on Wary and Racy, look toward releasing version 5.4.

The last release was 5.3, on April 5, 2012, announced here:

I intend to start reading the Wary/Racy feedback thread on the Forum, from page 7:

I think that I will upgrade CUPS from 1.3.11 to 1.4.8. There is a problem with printing in landscape mode, reported by vtpup:

rcrsn51 posted something that may be helpful:


Wary/Racy & Puppy
Username: ramachandran
Dear Sir I am very glad to note that you are back to core project. What about Puppy Precise. This is still in beta stage. I am eagerly waiting for Wary/Racy 5.4 and also for Precise Puppy. Looking for early release Sir.

rsync update
Username: broomdodger
"rsync has been updated to 3.0.9

ShareInternet 2.2.4 Pet
Username: wb7odyFred
"Add this Shell Script App to Racy from Author Gyro" Read Page 1,4,6 I have used this to turn my Puppy Linux Box into a Router and hang a server off from my Puppy Linux Wifi connection. With a simiple click on ShareInternet, Turn on Puppy Router. There seems to be a lot of Ideas that get lost in the forums, unless the interested person looks diligently. I saw a forum post about it being so hard to download and get VLC to play. I now can not find that post to share here. The poster asked why is it so hard to download and install VLC. Might be old post, but I had problems myself downloading deadbeef 0.5.5 audio player last night using Puppy Package Manager. DeadBeef just crashed with a "plugin Shellexec GTK2 UI failed to connect to dependencies, deactivated. " error. I have searched forums and google to fix this error. Gave up and downloaded VLC 1.0.1 to play a short MP3 audio. This worked. So how about a little quality control. Or some checker Application that verifies libraries installed to help a newbie get an application running. 2.) How about for Racy ability to download newer versions of Librarys. ie libjpeg6.2. but new software wont run with out libjpeg7 or, libpng14 or libpng15, or libssl. Take Racy and download add this softwware. use commands chmod +x sh Tell me what libraries you are missing. I did compile those libraries and got this running, but felt that others Puppy Linux users might not have the same computer programmer background I have to deal with this complications. I am working from LuPu 5.2.8, who do I share my compiled libraries with the world through PPM. I see that ffmpeg was complicated to "./configure" from the command line, so you would not want my ffmpeg shared. Thanks shinobar for the configure posting and figuring out the --enable-network 3.) ffmpeg0.11.1 version running and compiled like shinobar did. Why can't I download this ffmpeg from the PuppyLinux repositories? Whish you well on your endeavor to update Racy, Barry. I think these library support and and good Application Support are intrinsic to making a better Puppy Racy 5.4 Linux. ps. very Happy to see you porting Puppy to the Raspberry Pi board, Mele A1000, and the ODROID-X I believe that A x86 Puppy supporting a cross-compile ARM environment for supporting Raspberry Pi, Mele A1000, and the ODRIOD-X would be a good thing!

pdftops script
Username: BarryK
"It is confusing, for me anyway, that these two files have the same name: /usr/bin/pdftops /usr/lib/cups/filter/pdftops The former is in the Poppler package, the latter in the CUPS package. I have never understood the relationship between them. Anyway, I stumbled upon this. It is a script 'pdftops' that apparently goes into /usr/lib/cups/filter, and calls the Poppler pdftops:

Username: BarryK
"cnxsoft has also received his ODROID-X and posted some pictures:

RACY rebuild progress
Username: GCMArtin
"Barry, I am not a developer, but [url=][b]I believe this needs attention at your level.[/b] Here to help

Wrong place, I know
Username: GCMartin
"@BarryK has commented on something along these lines in the past, but I cannot find it. If I understand correctly, " ... should I place an application SFS in the root folder of my ISO, the Puppy system at will load it as well as the main system SFS". Is there any truth to this on any distro other than LIghtHOuse64? Thansk in advance

A PET needed to made OOTB in Wary/RACY
Username: GCMartin
"GParted is missing functionality because, I believe, there is an oversight as pointed out by @Rcrsn51 who has [url=][b]prepared a PET to address resolution to the problem[/b]. Please understand that this completes functionality which is in the GPARTED. Would you consider making this OOTB in WARY-RACY? It would be universally beneficial and it would insure that GParted functions completely. Here to help

When functionality is added is it done via WOOF
Username: GCMartin
"This is just for my clarity. As I am aware; sometimes, packages encompass a combination of packages so that one package will deliver its functionality. Examples are everywhere in Linux most notably with those that require "libs" to be present. When this is done OOTB in a distro, is this because of WOOF2 having what it needs to build this kind of thing? Or something else. Just trying to understand a little bit more about distro building in Puppyland. Thanks for any understanding

Re: Improving translations
Username: L18L
"I cannot see any similarity to mtpaint or rox. But I know the problem of not being able to change translations of Name for use in menu. Described in forum, my work around is: - delete translated names - use /usr/share/sss/menu_strings/ (I have extended the of german langpack) So I am [b]also[/b] thinking that translations do NOT belong to woof but to langpacks only.

It works!
Username: vicmz
"I could finally set langpack_es to have higher priority over provisory translations. Thanks, L18L! However, I'm not updating langpack_es yet, Zigbert's apps are being gettexted and I'd like to include more new translations.

Re menu translations in Woof
Username: BarryK
"I have taken them out. This will be in the next commit of Woof, coming soon.

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