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Woof: rerwin: fixes '3'

August 23, 2012 — BarryK
I have applied rerwin's fixes from '', see Forum post:

Note, I earlier applied '3a' fixes, see previous blog post:

My notes:

...fixes in this file in Woof.
Note that a couple of entries rerwin recommended to remove but left in, as they are still relevant for older kernels.
That is, these left in:
Also, rerwin recommended adding "bcma.ko":
...however, the 3.2.x kernel does not have that module, and I don't know what does, so I did not make that change.
...rethinking, I have appended "bcma.ko". don't know anything about it, but doesn't do any harm being there!

#120823 rerwin: multisession: screen out /.XLOADED when save.

...added the "bcma:wl" preference.

#120823 rerwin: preserve user-modified files in full-install upgrade.
Note that Woof-built puppies now also have /root/.profile

#120605 rerwin: omit /dev/snd content, /dev/.udev subdirectory and modem daemons from new master (because daemons reinstalled from firmware if needed).
#120606 rerwin: support users' replacement of stripped /root & /etc with complete directories (for "boot disk").
#120607 rerwin: Remove indicators/files for integrated user-installed packages.
#120628 shinobar: no change id-string for reuse
#120721 revert 'wildcards' option (from 120605); improve /dev/snd file exclusion; exclude /usr/share/icons/hicolor/icon-theme.cache (shinobar).
...all applied.

#120823 rerwin: avoid saving personal data if flag set in /etc (by remasterpup2, file /etc/personal_data_save_disabled).

Woof commit:



Re magic trick
Username: BarryK
"Iguleder, Very interesting! Thanks for that, I have added '/var/cache/libx11/compose' directory in Woof.

Re magic trick
Username: BarryK
"Um, reading that link again, seems need /root/.compose-cache, so have added that to Woof. Left in /var/cache/libx11/compose.

Re Arch Linux
Username: BarryK
"I am out-of-touch with the Arch Linux build. I did get it working originally, then another guy worked on it -- apologies to him, but I can't recall his name right now -- and submited patches to Woof, that I put in without testing them myself. So I don't know the status quo of the Arch build. Also, I haven't seen any posts from that guy for quite a long time. If anyone wants to take it on, and fix anything that needs fixing, you are welcome.

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