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dgcmodem, hsfmodem firmware

September 18, 2012 — BarryK
In Puppy, we have a directory /lib/modules/all-firmware, which contains what we used to call the "firmware tarballs" for modems.

Except that I stopped making them into tarballs, left them as directories, as the SFS file compressed everything anyway.

These "firmware tarballs" are more than just firmware. They may contain data files, scripts, binary executables, anything needed to get the modem working. Take the case of the 'dgcmodem' -- the 'dgcmodem' directory would get installed if Puppy detected the presence of such a modem. Otherwise, the files are kept out of the way in the 'all-firmware' directory, so as not to interfere with the system.

These firmware tarballs used to be kept in kernel PETs, but I had a problem with maintaining all the different versions. So I moved them into Woof, even though some of these "firmware" directories also contain binary executables.

Moving to the present, rerwin is taking a new direction, starting with 'dgcmodem' and 'hsfmodem'. These are deleted from Woof, although I have left empty /lib/modules/all-firmware/dgcmodem and hsfmodem directories in Woof. These two are now separate PETs.

It is good I think that these are out of Woof. But, any puppy build that has a kernel with dgcmodem and/or hsfmodem modules, will have to also build the pup with these corresponding "firmware" PETs.

Here is where rerwin has posted these PETS:

I have uploaded them (28KB, 88KB):


hsfmodem, dgcmodem 3.2.28
Username: BarryK
Note also in rerwin's links above, modules are provided for the 3.2.28 kernel used in Precise Puppy beta6. I had hoped to stay with that kernel, unfortunately had to recompile the kernel, and moved to latest, 3.2.29. For rerwin and others, I will now try very hard to stay with this kernel for the release of Precise. Some other guys also have been affected by this, for example nVidia modules. The next release, beta7, will have the 3.2.29 kernel.

Communication Adapters Icon on the Taskbar - desktop
Username: GCMartin
"@BarryK, et. al. This type of change goes hand in hand [url=][b]with this thread[/b] concerning LAN and communications adapters. Please comment

firmware pets
Username: BarryK
"I have put some more thought into these firmware pets. As they are taken out of Woof, there are various things that need to be considered. I have taken out the "b43" firmware as an example, with rerwin's latest update. I have named the PET 'firmware_module_b43' and propose to use this naming scheme for all module firmware PETs. These PETs are normally intended to be builtin to a pup, when the pup is built in Woof, however also need to cater for the PET getting installed later by the user, in a running pup -- hence I created '' and '' scripts to handle this. Here is the b43 PET, which is the proposed format for all others: ...after reflecting on this a bit more, I will change the dgcmodem and hsfmodem pets to this format.

b43 firmwares for 3.2.X
Username: pemasu
" If you are using the b43 driver from 3.2 kernel or newer: After installing b43-fwcutter, download version 5.100.138 of Broadcom's proprietary driver and extract the firmware from it: It means that 3.2.X kernels needs new set of firmwares. Without any reducing, 117 firmwares

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