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guess_fstype: 120911: btrfs support

September 15, 2012 — BarryK
A little while ago (120705), I fixed ext4 detection in guess_fstype. Now, technosaurus has added btrfs detection, bugfixed adfs, and replaced printf() with write() for smaller size:

I have uploaded the x86 PET (7KB):

The source can be found here:

This utility is compiled statically with dietlibc, and is also in Woof, in the initrd. This update will be in the next commit of Woof.

Note, I need to compile for ARM boards, will do that soon.



UDF used for BluRay
Username: Ted Dog
"GOOGLED: udf file system projects About 370,000 results Is that a list O'Dino can use? or is it more what is UDF used for, or is it useful? DVD, Blu-ray Video and Data >4G in size. Linux supports UDF up to version 2.60 UDF should be supported in booting and mounting so that puppylinux and keep its lead in linux use of multisesson, as a storage option. ISO9660 was replaced by UDF.

Tags: puppy