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Langpacks: es, de

September 21, 2012 — BarryK
I have updated these langpack PETs:

langpack_es 20120905 (vicmz)
langpack_de 20120830 (L18L)

Heh heh, with all of these upgrades, you may have guessed that I am getting ready to build the next beta of Precise Puppy!

Yes, it will be beta7, but we can't just drag on releasing betas. So, I propose that this be the last beta, followed by an RC, hopefully followed by the final release of Precise Puppy.

As beta7 will have the 3.2.29 kernel, which I intend that we will stick with for the final and well into the future, I request peebee and others who have been creating extra kernel modules, to please do so for this kernel, so it will all be available for the RC.

As I want to move onto the RC fairly promptly, I want to minimise changes. In Woof, bug-fixing only, no new features.


Precise Puppy
Username: Ramachandran
Dear Sir I am very happy to note that Precise Puppy is moving towards Final release.

Ready for Beta7
Username: peebee
"Hi Barry Have already downloaded the kernel sources - just need the Beta 7 iso and devx to compile the wl driver for k3.2.29 Rerwin suggested that I should send you the patched wl source - they are available from: They've been compiled and worked for kernels up to 3.5.2 (pemasu's wheezy dpup) Cheers peebee

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