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Planning for next Wary/Racy

September 24, 2012 — BarryK
To keep everyone informed about what I am currently doing...

I am reading through the Wary/Racy 5.3 feedback thread:

I plan to build a beta for the next release, which will probably be 5.4.

I don't know about the kernels though, might leave them alone. The thing is, we have some drivers, for example nVidia, compiled for those kernels, and if I upgrade the kernels then those PETs will also require upgrading.

If there is no urgent need to upgrade the kernels, I will leave them alone.

So, the next Wary/Racy will have all the new features of Woof, plus various application upgrades.


Wary5.4 kernel
Username: peebee
Hi Barry A plea for the Wary kernel to stay at 2.6.32.n at least - otherwise the Agere modem drivers will no longer work and cannot be compiled for later kernels (I think?) Cheers peebee

Developer support level guidance
Username: GCMartin
"Maybe as Puppy-Woof continues into the futrue, a statement is issued to ID which circa (year of build) the distro is designed or support on. As times advance, so does the PCs as well for many of the community upgrades to take advantage of CPU-chipsets-RAM benefits. It is one of the facts of life we must live with. I am not trying to address obsolescence, but, rather what is a plausible level of support from the distro designer to set a level of expectation. This type of announcement. I realize, is not a panacea, but, it does provide a developer's level of expectation in support of the distro(s) presented for our benefit. Here to help

Wary 5.4 kernel
Username: Monsie
"Hi Barry, I am not sure if you had decided to stick with the uni-kernel from Wary 5.2 on, but I hope this is the case. I need the uni-kernel for my sound card (Riptide) to work. I suspect others who run Wary on a Pentium 3 would benefit from the uni-kernel also. I am really pleased that Wary/Racy development continues... Thanks, Monsie

PRecord update
Username: GCMartin
"@BarryK [url=][b]I thought this info would be helpful as your 3 distros progress.[/b] Here to help

squashfs xz kernel support
Username: mavrothal
"I do not know what are your kernel plans for wary but I found squashfs xz support for the 2.6.35 kernel in Works nice with a 2.6.35 puppy kernel I made for the XOs. With this older kernels/wary can use/see xz compressed SFSs

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