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PPM: deps versioning re-fixed

September 03, 2012 — BarryK
The previous announcement about fixing versioned dependencies:

However, I found that was broken. One significant problem is that it did not find any dependencies below "level 1", that is, nested dependencies.

So, I reverted that fix, then re-implemented it. Woof commit:

Note, the code that npierce created was pretty good. The logic of this part of the PPM is mind-bending, even for me, so getting it just-right is far from easy. Npierce's work was a good starting point for me to look at where the fixes are required.


while on PPM...
Username: 01micko
I have a problem with the old 13.37 compatible packages. Some of them just don't work with current (TBA 14.0), and vice-versa. These are packages compiled in Slacko 5.3X (and the preceding betas) that have served well through the cycle but many just don't work because of the many (nearly all) libs that have been upgraded in coming Slackware-14.0 The dilemma is that if I upload the Packages-puppy-slacko-official file for my current build to ibiblio then this breaks backward compatibility with slacko-5.3X and many of the newer packages (such as ffmpeg, even seamonkey) will not work. I think a possible solution, without creating a new dir on ibiblio and having to rename slacko would be to filter out the 13.37 (12th field in pet.specs, only draw back is dev,doc,nls usually field 12 is empty, no bins) packages when a user updates the PPM. This would be a useful solution for other Pups based on other distros too instead of having a bunch of separate folders when an upstream distro changes version. It would also simplify things for casual users of woof. Thoughts?

Re while on PPM
Username: BarryK
"I have fixed another small bug. The next thing to do is try and improve speed. I had a go at installing VLC from the Ubuntu repos, about 25 deps, and oh boy does PPM become slow! I was going to build beta5 tonight, but instead will work on this speed problem tomorrow, delay beta5 for a day (or more).

PPM speed bug
Username: BarryK
"A short note about the above-mentioned problem with PPM. I fixed it. There were two places where the PPM became chronically slow when a lot of user-installed packages: The first was just prior to bringing up the pre-install window after a pkg is clicked on. This was caused by a bug. The second is the final stage after installation, where all user-installed pkgs are checked for missing libraries. When there are 30 or so user-installed pkgs, this step becomes extremely slow. I have disabled that step for now, I need to look at ways of optimising that code ( I have built Precise Puppy beta5, testing it now.

while on PPM...
Username: scsijon
"Mick, why don't you do what barry did with wary5 and have a 'old' directory for pre-14 and use slacko for 14+ (for now). You would need a pet I suspect to check what version to use which directory. just a thought

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