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Precise Puppy beta7

September 22, 2012 — BarryK
Here is what I hope will be the last beta of Precise Puppy. This is built with 3.2.29 PAE kernel (meaning it supports more than 4GB RAM).


Kernel sources:
Us#er#na#me#: p#up#py P#as#sw#or#d: l#in#ux

I am also building beta7 with non-PAE kernel, targeting older hardware, including older video hardware, which will be uploaded soon.


3.2.29 source sfs
Username: BarryK
The kernel source SFS file is also available here (97.4MB): Hmmm, I am taking a bit of a punt here. I normally do a frugal install of a build and give it a basic sanity test, before releasing it. But this time I built it, beta7 that is, and uploaded it, and announced it here. It is just that I have had so much going on the last couple of days, that the "sanity test" got missed out. Oh well, I will know soon enough.

Broadcom WL driver
Username: peebee
"Hi Barry All seems fine here - only problem I have is that pnethood continues to be very very slow compared to other recent puppies. I've compiled the Broadcom wl driver for k3.2.29 and uploaded the delta file that allows it to be installed onto Precise 5.3.95 here: I realise that my "model" of supporting many puppies and kernels with a single multi-kernel pet plus delta pets does not fit too well with the PPM model - so if you want me to build a driver pet just for Precise let me know - however in the future when you make Precise an official release I'll build the delta file into the driver pet (like Wary & Slacko now) so that the driver pet could then go into the repo? Cheers peebee

Username: GCMartin
"Thanks Barry for this. I am just now downloading before heading home. I will test tonight. Was the issue with FirstRUN resolved, yet? It is needed for setup when a Laptop user does NOT have a LAN cable installed in the PC when it is first booted. Thaksn in advance

Precise beta7 no-PAE
Username: BarryK
"Ok, here it is: This is built with 3.2.30 kernel, source SFS (97.4MB): This build is a bit experimental for ATI/Radeon and nVidia video. I left out the 'nouveau' drivers, there is only the Xorg 'nv' driver. Radeon is setup for non-KMS. The .iso file is a monster, 180MB. Mostly because the .sfs is gzip'ed rather than xz'ed, for better performance on slow systems.

" The .iso file is a monster, 180MB."
Username: Sage
"Ah, yes, - we enter the ultimate PC Paradox! Did you say your first release was ~20Mb? This industry will always catch out even the most accomplished coders. Landfill is destined to boom. [i]Progress[/i] and capitalism are most uneasy of bedfellows. The latter tends to subvert the intellectual goals of the former. Legions of PC users now have staggering capability sitting on their desks. And what for? Even email is morphing into Facetubebook; only browsing maintains its core function amongst the plebs. All of which can be achieved by a little gadget held in the palm. Wants vs. Needs - what to do? Speak to any of your regular neighbours and discover most still using the devil's OS. They've been frightened off any alternatives, except those with money to burn on worthless fruit. And to a man/woman, they will in rare moments of honesty confess to 'having problems' with the technology. A cornucopia for IT-literate crooks living at 419. Time to step back, see the big picture, re-affirm K.I,S.S., .iso <100Mb, deaf, dumb and blind to the go-faster kiddies who've got to have the latest gear(s). And, if one must, acquire an Android back-pocket wundermachinen...

Revert to 2009 nbtscan
Username: peebee
"rcrsn51 has discovered and I have confirmed over on the forum that reverting nbtscan to the 2009 version found in Wary5.3 and Quirky cures the pnethood scanning performance problem. The 2012 version of nbtscan provides OK performance in Slacko but not in Precise.... Cheers peebee

re nbtscan
Username: BarryK
"peebee, Thanks for that, I have fixed the package-list to use the old PET (from ibiblio 'common' repo) instead of the official DEB.

Username: mavrothal
"Talking about size, what pulled libLLVM, a 7MB compressed file, in 5.3.95 build? Was not in .93 Also, I do not know if this is by design or just not implemented, but /root/.packages/builtin_files appears to have info only for .pet but not for .deb packages installed in the build

Username: BarryK
"mavrothal, Beta6 does have LLVM. I think it was beta5 that didn't. For the PAE-enabled build, I went over to using all .DEB video and mesa packages, and a few of them need LLVM. I think even the Xorg vesa driver needs it.

Re builtin_files
Username: BarryK
"mavrothal, I just checked, everything is there. For example, 'alsa-utils' is a DEB. What may be confusing you is that the files in /root/.packages/builtin_files are the generic names, that may have combinations of DEBs. Look in /root/.packages/DISTRO_PKGS_SPECS, for example, this line: [i]yes|readline|libreadline6,libreadline6-dev,readline-common|exe,dev,doc,nls[/i] ...the generic name is "readline", and you will find /root/.packages/builtin_files/readline. There are various reasons for doing it this way. One of them is because Debian and Ubuntu split the original package (for example 'readline') up into many, and they give those many pkgs very odd names. But, if you ever need to figure out what are the original DEBs, the info is there in DISTRO_PKGS_SPECS file.

Username: mavrothal
"I'm not sure if my scripting is correct but on a fresh boot of 5.3.95 the command [code]for i in `ls /usr/lib | cut -f 1 -d '.'`; do if [ "`cat /initrd/pup_ro2/root/.packages/builtin_files/* | grep $i`" = "" ] ; then echo $i missing; else echo $i OK; fi; done | uniq | grep missing[/code] Produces a list of over 300 shared libraries that can not be identified in /root/.packages/builtin_files/

re missing
Username: BarryK
"mavrothal, Yes, you are right. It is the symlinks in /usr/lib, /lib and /usr/bin that are used to workaround the Debian/Ubuntu "multiarch problem", that have broken the code in script 3builddistro (in Woof) that creates the builtin_files contents. I have fixed it, see Woof commit:

Precise beta7 Forum feedback
Username: BarryK
"I should mention that Forum feedback for beta7 starts in this thread, page 44:

still missing
Username: mavrothal
"I tried the same trick with a fresh racy-5.3.90 and the following libraries in /usr/lib can not be identified in /root/.packages/builtin_files/ gcrt1 libanl libao libasound libBrokenLocale libcrypto libcrypt libcupscgi libcupsdriver libcupsimage libcupsmime libcupsppdc libcups libdl libgailutil libgdk libgio libgmodule libgnomecanvas libgoffice libgthread libgutenprint libgutenprintui2 libnsl libpthread libresolv librsvg librt libspreadsheet libthread libutil Only 30 some, but still. Makes it difficult if you want to remove packages.

Username: apt514
"Please compile a 3.0.2 GTK-YouTube-Viewer pet for ftp precise puppy mirrors. I d/l 2.0.3 & 3.0.2 pet patch from a forum. GTK YT V API Patch

Re still missing
Username: BarryK

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