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Royal Perth Show job

September 28, 2012 — BarryK
My Royal Show job starts tomorrow, running for eight days. All day, from dawn until after dark. I will get home about 8.30pm, so don't expect much puppy development from me for the next eight days!

Royal Show page:

I'll try to do a little bit each day though, a hour or so.


Have fun at the Stock Show
Username: Ted Dog
Do they have a Rodeo culture with the Ag/Stock show in Australia like we have here in the USofA? Love to watch them youngin's try to ride sheep.

Eight days
Username: session
"That's fine, I got Wary 5.3.90 to mess around with till then. Oh, and I have Aussie relatives over till then, too, for a big wedding in Blythe, California.

brief logon
Username: BarryK
"I leave home at 7.00am, get home at 8.30pm, so just want to rest in the evening. It is now 9.45pm, just going online for a short time, to read my blog!

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