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defaults-chooser internationalized

October 10, 2012 — BarryK
Default Applications Chooser version 0.8 is in all recent puppies. This was created by sc0ttman:

Vicmz advised that this has been internationalized by shinobar:

Thanks guys, I have updated the PET in the 'noarch' repo (6KB): PET does not have the 'ja' translation (or any others), as that belongs in a langpack.


categories in ppm and menu
Username: L18L
Having installed defaults-chooser I have stumbled upon not yet optimal behavior, see image. Success message of ppm does not use translation of category which is in and is used for menu. I have translated [b]Setup[/b] into [b]Konfiguration[/b] Maybe a TEXTDOMAIN just for categories could solve this. [img][/img]

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