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grub4dos 0.4.4.v1.8.0

October 15, 2012 — BarryK
Shinobar has two versions of grub4dos:

The 'common' repo had v1.7.2, and I have now added v1.8.0 (183KB):

I added "+linux_kernel&ge3.0" in the dependency field of v1.8.0, so that when building in Woof the right 'grub4dos' PET will get chosen.


grub4dos and linux kernel
Username: shinobar
I wrote: Upgrade is required for all the distributions using 3.x kernels. It means the v1.7.2 has trouble with linux kernel 3.x, but the v1.8.0 works both on kernel 2.6.x and 3.x.

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