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Neon icons, PPM missing pkg

October 19, 2012 — BarryK
Forum member vicmz composed the nice simple Neon desk icons that I have used in Precise Puppy RC1.

One of them is a yellow that is difficult to see, and they can all be difficult to see on a non-white background.
I ran them all through mtPaint, changed the yellow to something more visible, and bumped the saturation of all of them to 100% -- perhaps some subtly is lost on some of them, but they now stand out better on non-white backgrounds.

I cannot login to ibiblio right now, so have not yet uploaded the updated Neon PET.

I was discussing recently that the local package database may get out of date. PPM now puts up a message if a package does not exist in a repository, that the local database may need updating (with instructions how to do that).
Updated Woof will be uploaded soon.


neon icon set

Nice icons, but...
Username: gjuhasz
"Unfortunately, most of icon sets I found in puppies/puplets are practically limited to represent the default apps on the desktop. But, normally, users need to put more icons there, e.g., for skype, vlc, office apps etc., and these fancy icon sets include nothing that support these apps. At this point I (and I'm afraid many other users) sadly return to the well-designed Smooth-Color set which is the least incompatible with the popular apps in design style.

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