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pAVrecord, Precord, VLC-GTK, cursor_themes

October 20, 2012 — BarryK
I have updated these PETs:

pAVrecord 0.9.1
Precord 8.1.4
VLC-GTK 2.5.9

Forum member bigpup reported that Pcur, the mouse cursor selector, does not properly identify where to obtain the cursor theme PET.
I fixed that, and also have placed the 'cursor_themes' PET into the 'noarch' repo.


VLC-GTK stable
Username: scottman
Hi Barry, Sorry to do this, but VLC-GTK is now at 2.6, it is a major update, mostly a bugfix release. I will definitely leave VLC-GTK at 2.6 for a while...

Re VLC-GTK 2.6
Username: BarryK
"sc0ttman, OK, I have updated it. Note, I had to modify it. script, so only executes when PET is installed in a running Puppy: [code]#!/bin/sh if [ "`pwd`" = "/" ];then #REMOVE OLD RIGHT CLICK OPTIONS find root/.config/*/ | grep "VLC-gtk" > tmp/vlc-gtk_install.txt find root/.config/*/ | grep "VLC_nogui" >> tmp/vlc-gtk_install.txt cat tmp/vlc-gtk_install.txt | grep -i 'VLC' |grep -v '\.\./OpenWith' | grep -v 'OpenWith/\./\.' |while read LINE; do rm -v "$LINE"; done rm -f tmp/vlc-gtk_install.txt fi [/code] The PET is built with an obsolete "specs" file. All puppies for quite some time now require a file "pet.specs" in the top-level inside the PET. Here is the pet.specs I created for vlc-gtk: [i]vlc-gtk-2.6|vlc-gtk|2.6||Multimedia|212K|||+gtkdialog,+rtmpdump,+vlc_nogui,+xdotools|VLC-gtk - simple VLC frontend||||[/i] PET (39KB):

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