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Precise: ffmpeg-extra

October 18, 2012 — BarryK
Forum member shinobar has advised that ffmpeg can be enhanced by installing more DEBs:

This is them:


Forum member mcewanw has indicated that these may introduce a problem with libxvid?

Maybe RC1 testers can try shinobar's PET, see if there are any side-effects?

I am on the home-run for RC2/final. It is about 7pm here, I plan to do a few more things tonight, then upload RC2/final tomorrow.
If anyone wants to report on shinobar's PET, and mcewanw's pAVrecord prior to that, please do!

I want to get this pup "out the door". I will give RC2 version number 5.4 and if it looks OK will promote it to the 5.4-final release.


Rush it out!
Username: bigpup
Here we go again. Rush to get it out. I and I am sure others have a life where Puppy testing is only a small part. 3 days are not enough time to do complete testing of everything. Just booting to the desktop is not a complete test of an operating system. Your choice, but you are doing a disservice to Precise Puppy by rushing to get it out. I just noticed you released RC1, so will not try it if RC2 will be out in day or two.

Mplayer great improvement
Username: Ted Dog
"After frustration on puppy's poor performance with video playback compared to the original Precise. turns out Mplayer improvement is dramatic. Was unable to have xine compile cleanly. if you get a chance it really should be updated to current.

Re rush it out
Username: BarryK
"bigpup, Sigh, I restrained my response to another stupid comment recently. This is another one, and I will reply politely. Precise Puppy has been under development for quite a long time. The first 'alpha' release was back in March 2012, followed by seven beta releases. Each one had extensive testing and refinement. RC1 is the culmination of that. It is the point of being ready to release, that's what the letters "RC" mean. If you were not involved in testing over the last [b]several months[/b], then that is your fault. At the RC stage, we are only looking at a bit of a final tidy-up, and that is why this step can be done quicker. Testing cannot go on forever. The coordinator has to make a choice at some time that the pup has reached RC quality, even though there may be some issues -- this is always the case, we are never able to release a 100% bug-free or 100% hardware-compatible product. After all, Precise has been underway for several months and that is a long time. When the coordinator decides the project is good enough to release, then it happens, but once out there and exposed to a wider audience, more bugs/issues are discovered, there is usually a follow-up minor release. It will probably be the same thing here, 5.4 may be followed at some time in the future by 5.4.1. Maybe.

Sorry you missunderstood
Username: bigpup
"Quote: If you were not involved in testing over the last several months, then that is your fault. Thank you for your kind words for the testing I have provided for precise Puppy development. You are very welcome! Glad I could help in some small way.

Username: BarryK
"bigpup, Good. I know that I should be a bit more indifferent to what I think are inflammatory posts, however I'm a bit sensitive about everything right now. Various reasons.

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