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Precise: Pmusic bug

October 29, 2012 — BarryK
I am running Precise Puppy 5.4, which has Pmusic 2.6.6.

Yesterday, I clicked on an .mp3 audio file, and Pmusic failed to start, though it is set as the default music player.
This morning, I have investigated this further, clicking any audio file, Pmusic does not start.

Yet, run 'pmusic' without any file on the commandline, and it does start, and then any music file can be opened and played.

This is a serious bug. How come no one else has reported this in any of the alphas, betas and RCs?

If you are using Precise, do you get this bug?
But then, Pmusic was upgraded to 2.6.6 on 21st September, so maybe the bug came in then?


Pmusic bug
Username: james c
Just tested on my frugal install of Precise 5.4. Pmusic will play mp3's here by clicking on them. But,and there's always a but, if I exit by using "quit" in the menu it will not play a second mp3. If I just exit Pmusic by clicking the X in the gui Pmusic will then play another mp3 by clicking it. As long as I follow the second proceedure there appears to be no problem.

Re Pmusic bug
Username: BarryK
"james c, Ah, that explains something that puzzled me. Pmusic did play a file once, just once. After that, it wouldn't. I haven't tried rebooting yet. My memory might be faulty, but I think on that once-only time that it did work, Pmusic was very slow to startup. Nothing happened after I clicked on the file, I was puzzled, then suddenly the Pmusic window appeared.

Pmusic playlist bug?
Username: husker_pick
"I see the same thing james c does on a frugal install. Hit the X and next click plays hit quit and it wont. At one point I had the pmusic program open via the menu and clicked on a file and it said "source not detected" in the status bar. Looks like if there are songs in the play list and you hit quit and then reopen pmusic and click on another file it will hang up and display source not detected. Sometimes it starts anyway Sometimes not.

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